Sex, Gender and Gender Identity: Why Socialists Should Support Updating Transgender Rights.

Sex, gender and gender identity article

Author: laurascorner15

I'm a revolutionary socialist activist living in Wakefield, UK. I'll be posting on a range of political topics but particularly Marxism, gender and transgender, anti-racism and anti-fascism, trade unionism and industrial struggle, climate change and, generally, how we chuck the current mad, murderous economic system in the bin and create a sane socialist world.

2 thoughts on “Sex, Gender and Gender Identity: Why Socialists Should Support Updating Transgender Rights.”

  1. So if someone identifies as poor and working class and demanded access to means tested benefits or university bursaries or projects to help people who grew up economically disadvantaged you would support their claim? Because growing up in the middle class leafy suburbs with rich parents and having a large salary shouldnt stop someone being able to identify as how they feel and demanding others accept that identity? If not why not? Why is it only sex where you think that feelings should usurp reality?


    1. Your first point assumes that there is no objective criterion or reality for social class. I suspect that neither of us accept that, Chris. So no, in principle I would not support such a claim, obviously, especially as growing up with rich parents would give someone all sorts of advantages, something else I am sure we would agree on.
      What I don’t agree with is your implied characterization that gender identity is a ‘feeling’ for reasons I tried to set out in the article. Would you want to argue that sexuality is a ‘feeling’ or does it have a reality? If you think it does, why would you deny that a person’s sense of self and gender identity apparently has no reality?
      Would you say that people who profess such ‘feelings’ of their gender identity just have errant feelings that have no reality and so they just need to suck it up and live with it? That would strike me as an erasure of the transphobic repression that such people can often face.


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